Our history

La Tasquita de Mami is a restaurant in Tenerife, family and very charming located specifically in the municipality of Tacoronte. It all started in 2014, the idea of ​​creating this tasca arose as a result of Montse’s cooking skills or also known among our clients as Mami.

From a young age he married and was a mother, he learned to cook the traditional Canarian food of his mother and his aunt. She learned quickly and managed to give her a special touch in the taste of the dishes she cooked. She was worried about developing a varied diet, obtaining a wide variety of recipes for her children to grow strong and healthy.

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For many years, Mami along with her husband Eladio had to travel a lot, because of their previous company, and they knew different cultures and types of cuisine. Hence, the food that you can find in La Tasquita de Mami differs slightly from the concept of Canarian food as such.

Mommy, she is the mother of two children; Efrén and Eladio and wife of Eladio (father). They have always been a united family at all times, and that is why they undertook on June 1, 2014 the challenge of opening La Tasquita de Mami, a familiar and cozy tasca, ideal for families, couples and friends.

The family

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Family and unity are our main base. Since 2014 we undertook this tasca together in Tenerife, it was a challenge and since then we have shared every day many moments that have united us even more.

Nowadays our team has grown thanks to the good acceptance that our clients have given us, and we are fortunate to have good people of full confidence to whom we have opened the door of our house and are part of our family.

Mami, the soul of our kitchen!

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Montse is the cook and pillar of La Tasquita de Mami . Cook all the dishes on the menu with the same love that a mother would cook for her family. For this reason, the taste of each dish conveys the memories of a mother’s food.

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13 – 24 Hrs.

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