La Tasquita de Mami

Un restaurante familiar y acogedor en Tacoronte

La Tasquita de Mami is a restaurant in Tenerife, known for being a familiar and cozy place that is located on an old Canarian house in Tacoronte, on Carretera General del Norte, 263 (General north highway, 263). In our tavern you can enjoy homemade food made with the love of a mother and enjoy a wide and varied wine list, we have specifically more than 35 wines that can be tasted by glass or bottle.

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The story

La Tasquita de Mami, it’s a restaurant in Tenerife, it is really all about family with lot of charm, it is located specifically in the municipality of Tacoronte. It all started in 2014, the idea of ​​creating this tavern arose because of Montse’s skills in the kitchen or also known among our clients as Mami.

Since she was young she decided to marry and become a mother, she learned to cook traditional Canarian food from her mother and aunt. She learned fast and managed to give her personal touch in all the dishes he cooked. She cared to elaborate a varied diet obtaining a wide variety of recipes for her children to grow strong and healthy.

For many years, Mami along with her husband Eladio had to travel a lot, because of their previous company, and they knew and learned about different cultures and types of cuisine. Since that day forward, the food that you can find in La Tasquita de Mami differs slightly from the concept of Canarian food as such.

Mommy, she’s the mother of two children; Efrén and Eladio and wife of Eladio (father). They have always been a united family always, and that is why they undertook on June 1, 2014 the challenge of opening La Tasquita de Mami, a cozy and familiar place, ideal for families, couples, and friends.

The Family

Family and unity are our main base. Since 2014 we started this tavern in Tenerife, it was a challenge and since then we have shared a lot of moments that have united us even more.

Nowadays our team has grown thanks to the acceptance that our clients have given to us, and we are so lucky to have good people just by confidence to whom we have opened the door of our house and are now part of our family.



Montse is the cook and pillar of La Tasquita de Mami. She cooks all the dishes on the menu with the same affection that a mother would cook for her family. For this reason, the taste of each dish transports memories of a mother to the food.

The Father


Eladio is the father and head of this family. A key element in La Tasquita de Mami, unity in the family is one of the main values ​​that she has always instilled along with Mami.



Efrén is the engine of La Tasquita de Mami, who makes every part of the tasca work and mesh correctly to offer our customers the best.



Eladio Fernández, is the youngest son of Mami. He is passionate about cars, and always with a smile on his face, he loves to attend our customers with great affection.

Mommy’s food

The dishes that we make in our little tavern in Tacoronte are known for being homemade food, made at the time, and it has a flavor that transports you and anybody to the home-made food prepared by a mother.

Just in very few restaurants in Tenerife you can eat such a freshly made Spanish omelet where you can even indicate how much you want it to be cooked. Mami also prepares homemade ham croquettes that conquer all kinds of palate, its smooth texture and flavor are unmistakable.

All the desserts are also homemade, one of the most requested is Mami’s cake, the delicious cake made with cookies, moistened in coffee, and with layers of cream.

And so, we could continue describing all those homemade dishes that we elaborate with pure love, where the quality of all the products we use to make those dishes prevail.


Some recommended dishes

“All our dishes are cooked with a mother’s love”

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Recommended Dishes

Made with love

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“Una grata sorpresa”

La verdad que nos ha encantado. Fui con mi mujer por que habiamos visto fotos en redes sociales. La atención muy bien y la comida buenisíma, llevo varios días recomendándolo a amigos y familiares Ademas tienen app movil, para ver la carta ,poder hacer reservas etc Volveremos pronto.

“Buena experiencia ”

Melisa Mastroianni
Sitio que sorprende dado a que en esa zona no hay nada para comer más que asadores y guachinches. Es agradable encontrarse con una carta distinta y corta donde todo esta más cuidado. Muy buena carta de vinos donde puedes elegir tomar por botella o por copas.
Recomiendo la tortilla de morcilla y los aguacates aliñados, todo muy fresco y casero. La atención es muy buena y ágil sin ser pesada.
Les aliento a ir y muchas felicitaciones a la familia que lo lleva, a seguir adelante.

“Excelente servicio y muy buena comida”

Andrea G
Acogedor local, con personal muy atento y profesional. Comida muy bien elaborada a partir de buenisimos productos, con perfecto maridaje con muy buenos vinos de la zona. Recomendaría especialmente la ensalada con foie

“Todo buenísimo”

Neus L
Soy cliente "reincidente". La comida genial, el trato mejor si cabe, platos originales, precio más que competitivo... En fin, de mis preferidos

“Almuerzo ”

Fuimos toda la familia a comer, incluido nuestra mascota, lo cual es imprescindible para nosotros. No ponen ningún problema, el servicio mejor imposible, la comida igual. Lo recomiendo 100%.

“Un gran descubrimiento”

Nayra L
Tenía ganas de conocer el sitio porque había oído hablar muy bien de su comida y trato. Fui a almorzar y quedamos más que satisfechas. El detalle del aceite virgen con la reducción de vinagre de módena y el jamón serrano picado para mojar con el pan e ir abriendo boca me pareció algo a tener en cuenta ya que en pocos sitios tienen detalles así. Pedimos el pan relleno que es una verdadera delicia y las puntitas de solomillo de res que estaban increíbles y de postre la tarta de galletas y café y el cremoso de limón, postres muy buenos y el toque final para un almuerzo maravilloso. El trato muy bueno, los chicos muy amables y simpáticos y casi nada de espera entre plato y plato. Volveré seguro a seguir degustando todos los platos de esa maravillosa carta. Enhorabuena a todo el equipo que compone la tasquita de mami y a seguir así.



Opening time

Tuesday – Friday 13:00–22:30
Saturday 13:00–17:00 20:00–22:30
Sunday 13:00–16:00
Monday Closed

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